dr. cristian d. magnus



Education for diversity

In Workshops and seminars I focus on diversity, gender, queer, LGBTIQ* and educational management. Therefore, contents of workshops coincide but no workshop is ever the same. Thus, one of the most important steps is to get in touch with you and find out what the goals of your educational adventure are. So we can tailor the workshop you need.

Typically workshops cover topics like;

  • Introductions to gender, sexual diversity, heteronormativity and LGBTIQ*

  • Working with cases to find out about biases and how to challenge discriminatory effects

  • Institutionalized forms of discrimination against queer people

  • Seminars with school teachers, educators and trainers on how to include queer aspects in their teaching

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Queer Coaching

Personal Development

Trained in systemic coaching I can help you to find a unique solution to reach a certain goal. Although I call myself the Queer Coach it doesn’t matter if you think of yourself as a queer person. Together we can use a queer approach to challenge norms and thinking patterns, which hold you back. And if you do think of yourself as a queer person then I offer the experience to have worked with queer people and their particular life topics before.

Typically coaching begins with finding out what questions we’re working on together. The topics are matters of personal development and changes in your life. These can regard to your private or your business life or both.

If you are interested in coaching give me a call. Together we consider your best options:

phone: +49 151 50362527

Or write an e-Mail: Magnus@thequeercoach.com